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, 04.22.13

If you’ve come here looking for the Nice Shoes blog, head over to Tumblr for our latest posts:

, 06.27.12

Brian Bowman found an interesting installation over at the Nice Shoes Tumblr.

, 04.27.12

Some great links to kick off your weekend:

The AICP Shortlist site is up, congrats to all this year’s nominees. Check it out here.

Nice Shoes colorist Lez Rudge collaborated with director Barney Miller on a series of spots for Supercuts.

Flame artist Vin Roma contributed to a March Madness themed campaign for UPS.

Our design team has been finding some cool stuff on Tumblr.

, 04.05.12

Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on at Nice Shoes lately.

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, 03.15.12

Check us out at

It features some great finds by our Design+Interactive team as well as original creations like Brian Bowman’s Cubism.

, 03.14.12

Apparently there’s some sort of “Madness” that occurs in March? I don’t know if it’s a seasonal allergy thing, or if it’s about the position of the moon, but according to the internet, lots of people have it.

So we’ve created a game to help those suffering from madness or other afflictions, such as lack of a brand new iPad this month: Enjoy and good luck!

, 02.14.12

A boy called Anastacio.

Nice Shoes contributed to the recreation of a touching true story about this boy’s recovery from Leukemia. This Ronald McDonald House Charities spot premiered during Super Bowl 2012 and was directed by Malcolm Venville for Anonymous Content.

The spot shows a close up of Anastacio holding close up photographs of himself as a sick child. He lets the top photo fall to the ground and this reveals another photograph but of a healthier version of himself. This action is intercut between shots of his supportive family. Eventually we cut wide enough to see Anastacio as he lets go of the last photo and we get the message the his rehabilitation is complete.

Obviously Anastacio wasn’t professionally photographed at every stage of his illness. So that’s where our team came in –  using one healthy base photo of Anastacio
as an end point and having reference photos from a various of stages of his recovery to achieve the immediate steps.

We created the least well version first that still had to look somewhat visual appealing. It became apparent that some immediate reference could be found in colleagues with lack of hair and winter gray skin. But ultimately we used a blend of cloning techniques and photos that we took of peach fuzz, bald heads, shaved eyebrows and skin close ups. Through 5 stages we introduce more healthier skin tones and more hair but the real challenge was capturing the subtle change in the fullness of his face.

Andy Mai and Selim Yang at Nice Shoes did a wonderful job of this subtle balance and it was their collaboration that nailed the overall success of the transformation. Kudos to them.

, 02.09.12

Sorry to lure you in with expectations of William”Refrigerator” Perry and the 1985 Chicago Bears strutting their stuff. Now that you’re here anyway, let’s take an unbiased look at the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl. (EDITOR’S NOTE: This blog post is completely biased)

First off, we have an excellent spot for Budweiser Canada color graded by Lez Rudge, “Flash Fans,” that brings big league spectacle via flash mob to a minor league hockey game.

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, 02.01.12

Some of you “quicker-on-the-uptake” readers may have noticed the brand new Nice Shoes marketing campaign that debuted this week in our latest newsletter. (check it out here) (or here)

But, being an editor, I’m always interested in the out-takes – the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

So here now, for you loyal Nice Shoes Blog readers, are the top slogans that, for one reason or another, didn’t quite make the cut into the final campaign:

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, 01.30.12

To kick off our poster series, yours truly created the first one.  I was inspired by Russian constructivism and old school architectural zipatone renderings.  Download the hi-res here.

, 12.20.11

Happy Holidays everyone!  What better time than the Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Holiday Season to post my first contribution to the Nice Shoes Blog?

The Nice Shoes Creative Editorial division is the newest offering amongst the Nice Shoes brand of services, joining Design, Visual Effects, Interactive, Color and Finishing.

But, being the new guy on the block doesn’t mean we can’t strive to do things even better next year.

Here, then, are my list of 2012 New Year’s Creative Editorial Resolutions:

1.     Put finishing touches on new technology that really would allow footage to “cut itself.”

2.     Create clearly defined goals and some other stuff.

3.     Rethink the Nice Shoes “Tub O’ Mayo” as a summertime branded client gift.

4.     Kick off the “Account Execs are people too!” awareness walk-a-thon.

5.     Hire 4-piece rock ensemble to play my theme song every time I enter the edit room.

6.     Free Dill Pickle with every edit.

7.     Wait until clients aren’t looking before rolling eyes.

8.     Be more decisive.  No, wait, maybe not.

9.     Revolutionize the entire post-production industry by incorporating hourly “pie break” into workday.

10. Think up creative way to bill for “Facebook Time”.

, 12.13.11

3 guys embark on a 44 day adventure to 11 countries, clocking 38 thousand miles on 18 flights, with 2 cameras and just under a terabyte of footage.  The result… 3 short films based on 3 ambitious linear concepts… Movement, Learning, and Food.

Rick Mereki : Director, producer, additional camera and editing

Tim White : DOP, producer, primary editing, sound

Andrew Lees : Actor, mover, groover

Jealousy is an understatement!

, 11.22.11

Here at Nice Shoes some of us are giving thanks for all that we have this holiday season – a roof over our heads, a warm meal in our bellies, and moustaches.

Why do we have moustaches? I’m glad you asked.

On behalf of Movember, our Nice Shoes team $tash Money have been occupying our upper lips with some friendly, under-rated facial hair for the month of November. Along with countless other virile males out there growing EPIC stashes, we are doing our best to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Help us and our moustaches make a difference and DONATE to our official $tash Money Movember page. There is no minimum or maximum to donate and we’ll be fundraising until the end of November. So that means less than two weeks left for you to support this great cause through our magnificent moustaches of mighty magnitude.

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to pass the $tash-ed potatoes!

Of course we give thanks for family and friends. Also for the blessings in our lives. Our health and happiness…

BUT….. are you looking forward to the “thanking” part that day infers? Not a chance, you are looking forward to the food, baby. Mouth watering turkey with it’s tryptophanic effect that puts us into a state of euphoric serenity. Some mashed potatoes, gravy, yams and biscuits.

If you’re wondering, I love that day. I truly do enjoy cooking and almost never get the chance. My wife’s cousin and I insist on experimenting with a new dish every year. We have tried recipes for a savory cranberry/raspberry sauce, deep fried Mac & Cheese (no boxed stuff here), Guyere Popovers and a delicious spinach quiche. This year we will be trying out a few new ones: candied bacon & a fresh recipe for apple pie are going to be the experiments.

I am including the recipes that we have found most successful and hope that you have some of your own to add below….

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If ever you walk pass the aquarium here at Nice Shoes, it is very easy to get caught up in all the beauty; simply taking your eyes off of it becomes a challenge and pretty soon you realize you’ve spent a few minutes just standing there, staring into this whole other world.  If you watch the creatures that reside in the tank long enough, like I do, you start to wonder what it is they are saying to each other. Are they fighting about something? Do they ever feel threatened by one another? Do they have any insecurities? Any romances going on?

"Don't Burst My Bubble!" by BrittanyRose LaFemina

I’ve started a small series of drawings that illustrate the relationships inside of the fish tank. Some of the fish may be bullies, others may just innocent bystanders. One or two might just be enjoying the wonders of being a water creature. I like to illustrate different situations that I come across; the Nice Shoes aquarium is a personal favorite. This drawing is inspired by the relationship of the innocent bubble coral, and the bully Sea Urchin. He likes to bust chops and tease the other life forms in the tank that may not be able to fight him off. What many people may not know, is that the bubble coral happens to have quite the temperament, so the Sea Urchin better watch out!

Click here or on the pictures to enjoy some other pieces I have done!