Dana Bol

Creative Editor

Dana Bol

Dana Bol has been a creative editor for 20 years, editing commercial content for Gillette, HP, US Navy, Esquire, Heineken, Nautica and Ford as well as experiential multi-screen installation projects for L’Oreal, NBC Universal, and WWE. She studied avant-garde cinema at the University of Colorado, Boulder, engendering a lifelong passion for expressive cinema and multi-layered imagery. In addition to her ability to craft a story through editing, Dana is experienced in working in motion graphics, animation and compositing; and has an Associates Degree in experiential space design from the Parsons School of Design.

Dana has been a rock climber for 12 years – she loves pulling down on quartzite in the Hudson Valley – and is a respected painter whose work has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York City.

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