Tara Holmes

Executive Producer

Tara Holmes

Executive Producer Tara Holmes is a diehard Mets fan. There. We got that out of the way. After getting her start in Off-Broadway theater, Tara moved way Off-Broadway to the West Coast where her career in post production began at Point 360. Coming back to New York, she took on the role of producer at Company 3, where she quickly learned and fell in love with the fast paced schedule of advertising. Tara advanced from producer to Director of Creative Services, where she established long-lasting relationships working with clients on Louis Vuitton, Captain Morgan’s, Elizabeth Arden and Calvin Klein; before moving on to senior roles at AllDayEveryDay where she collaborated with Express and Bobbi Brown; and at Cutting Room, delivering spots for Progressive and Gillette.

Joining Nice Shoes in late 2015, Tara brings a deep appreciation for the arts of color and finishing, recognizing how an artist’s manipulation of the raw image of a piece can affect the emotional impact on the viewer. Like her love of the Mets, her awe and respect for the post process has never wavered.

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