Creative Studio

Dec 14, 2017

Flexon Eyewear and Nice Shoes Teleport Viewers Into An Immersive VR Space Station


Flexon Eyewear, a brand known for its technologically advanced and durable, memory metal designs, set out to showcase and educate optometrists about their current product line and brand history. They saw Virtual Reality (VR) as an opportunity to equip their salespeople with marketing messaging and a wow factor beyond traditional sales tools. They approached the team at Nice Shoes Creative Studio, who worked with them to design and develop an interactive VR theater that stepped right into their brand.

Springboarding off of the NASA technology that gave birth to nearly indestructible metal memory frames, each user that downloads the Flexon Virtual Reality App is teleported to a futuristic space station, where they can interact with Flexon products and branded content. Nice Shoes worked with Flexon to both design and develop the interactive app, but also advised on a strategy that would make the experience easy to access and use, for the salesperson and customer.

“This interaction is key to building a shared excitement for the brand that would lead to sales and increase word of mouth,” said creative director Tom Westerlin. “When we talk to clients about the potential of VR, we always mention the potential for unprecedented, direct interaction between brand and consumer, and the team at Flexon understood that right away.”

The app launched in November on both iOS and Android platforms to reach the maximum audience of smartphone users. Google Cardboards were branded, printed and left behind with optometrists for future viewing in store with potential customers. Over time the experience will be updated with new video content, extending the life of the app, and giving users an incentive to revisit this world again and again.

Through the magic of VR, Nice Shoes helped Flexon Eyewear offer viewers a vision of the future while sharing their brand’s rich history.

Nice Shoes VR: Step Into Your Brand.


Executive Producer: Angela Bowen 
Head of Production: Nancy Giandomenico 
Senior Producer: Russ Dubé
Creative Director: Tom Westerlin 
CG Director: Andy Zazzera 
Creative Tech: Jaime Silva
Creative Tech: Mark McCallum  
Designer: Yandong Qiu
Modeler: Yongji Chen 
Modeler/Animator: Elizabeth Whitfield