Nice Shoes Steps Out With Chico’s

Nice Shoes has worked with many of the fashion scene’s brightest lights, including Calvin Klein and Thierry Mugler. Most recently, Nice Shoes VFX artists Rich Schreck, Jason Farber, Bryan Rosenblum and Vin Roma teamed up for a new Chico’s spot, Step Out.

The :30 spot features the pages of a giant-sized fashion magazine and two beautiful models who literally step out of the pages wearing various outfits from Chico’s new Fall line. Because the VFX work needed to bring the spot to life, the Nice Shoes team was invited to supervise the live shoot which was based around the pre-built giant magazine and another miniature version which was used for the page-flipping shots.

The team made sure that all the necessary tracking markers were in order and helped deal with such issues as sagging pages, which had to be specially clipped to stay upright. For a complex shot where the model actually steps through the pages of the magazine, there was a lot of back-and-forth on how best to achieve the effect. It helped that the job was shot on Steadicam, so that the camera positions were not blocked out and were left more fluid.

“The pages are selling the product as much as the models,” said Roma. “They had to look good and pop, but couldn’t distract from the live talent.”

Thanks to their experience dealing with such on-set circumstances, the team reports that the post process went very smoothly. “The crew was very helpful with the tracking marks, but there’s always a shot they decide to use in editorial that doesn’t have the tracking marker you planned for,” adds Schreck. “So you just roll with it.”

Rosenblum notes that another challenge of fashion projects in general is making the end result look as natural as possible. While other spots may even focus in on the visual effects, in fashion the goal is to get the job –and VFX – done, “but make it all look as unnoticeable as possible,” he states.

So while the final spot may look very glamorous and effortless, the reality is that the Nice Shoes team used all their expertise and put in a lot of sheer nuts-and-bolts hard work – compositing, keying, color-correcting and tracking – to achieve a seamless result that cleverly reinforces the Chico’s brand look and style.

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Client: Chico’s
Spot Title: Step Out
Air Date: October 2011

Post/Effects: Nice Shoes
VFX Supervision: Rich Schreck, Jason Farber
VFX Artist(s): Rich Schreck, Brian Rosenblum, Vin Roma, Jason Farber
Producer: Haydee Cepin