Go Ask Dad

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For the follow up to their viral “Go Ask Dad” Father’s Day campaign, Grey and Gillette sought out Nice Shoes to help develop a new twist on the father and son dynamic. The previous year’s campaign featured teens performing Internet searches on how to do things such as tie a tie, fry an egg, or ask someone out. This year the questions are similar, but the new campaign embraces the rise of voice-controlled artificial intelligence apps. Real-life pairs of fathers and sons are brought together under the premise of the sons testing out a new AI app that would provide answers to their burning questions, both basic and personal. Unbeknownst to the sons, their fathers were the voices dispensing this advice.

Grey and director Michael Marantz needed a flexible and comprehensive partner for post production to ensure that the design, vfx, edit, color could all be creatively managed across a massive multi-language series of spots. They looked to consolidating the project at Nice Shoes to achieve this goal for the global campaign. Creative Director Harry Dorrington led a team on creative development of the app, while Creative Editor Dana Bol, Colorist Gene Curley, and Finishing Artist Jason Farber handled editorial, color and finishing, with a single source producer to manage seamless communication between tasks, Rebecca Mitchell.