Triple Essentials

Play Triple Essentials

When the creative team shared their concept with Nice Shoes, the goal was to convey the careful curation by Blistex of three essential oils out of hundreds of options. Based on his experience of shooting product and tabletop footage, Nice Shoes creative director Dorrington recommended creating photoreal CG versions of the bottles in order to perform a dynamic camera move that swooped through the bottles. Dorrington worked with CG director Andy Zazzera to do a proof of concept test, illustrating how the move could be executed. As the team moved into production, extensive reference was captured of the bottles Blistex wished to feature.  

“Doing this shot in CG gave the client the ability to showcase the ingredients in their product in a dynamic, beautiful way,” said Zazzera. “We had full control over the camera, lighting, and bottle placement than we would have if it had been a live action shot. In particular, the snaking move of the camera through the bottles required a bottle to be moved out of the way, which would have added time and complication to a live action shoot. The schedule allowed for us to refine and tweak the bottles, making them beautiful and realistic, so we could put a spotlight on the high quality oils going into Blistex’s new product.”