“3m filtrete – MAKE EVERY BREATH COUNT “

Project Notes

“In devising a spot to showcase 3M’s Filtrete™ Air Filters’ removal of indoor air particles, Grey presented a unique challenge for our team. They needed to shoot actual air particles (visible to the naked eye) to make people aware of how much dust, allergens and bacteria are contained in the air that people breathe in every day. Director Harry Dorrington presented an efficient solution utilizing all of our creative to take the project from concept to completion.

Actual air particles were captured with a high speed camera, as it was important that real particles be utilized during the live action scenes. These on-set particles were also sampled to build an animated 3D demonstration of Filtrete™’s capabilities, which was then augmented by a CG particle system to create more depth.”


Agency: Grey
Production Company: Nice Shoes
Director: Harry Dorrington
Producer: Russ Dubé
VFX Supervisor: Ivan Pribicevic
Colorist: Chris Ryan
Editor: Cameron Kelly

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