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Boulevard – AR Application

Project Notes

A velvet rope and a stern security guard that’s just itching to say “don’t touch that” are normally in between the museum visitor and a work of art. Now, thanks to Boulevard Arts, a company committed to developing arts-based experiences shared through augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies, and creative studio Nice Shoes, art connoisseurs, educators, and students can all get closer to art than ever before with Boulevard AR.

The Nice Shoes team was led by AR/VR creative director Tom Westerlin, and head of production Nancy Giandomenico, who along with executive producer Angela Bowen, have grown the studio’s immersive capabilities, delivering the AICP and Ciclope-nominated Mio Garden roomscale VR experience as well as Flexon Eyewear’s mobile VR application. The collaboration with Boulevard Arts marked the studio’s first delivery of an augmented reality experience.




AR Studio

Nice Shoes

Creative Director

Tom Westerlin

Lead Developer

Leonardo Malave

Executive Producer

Angela Bowen

Head of Production

Nancy Giandomenico

Junior Producer

Laura Noonan

VFX Supervisor

Adrian Winter

CG Director

Andy Zazzera


Dino Qiu

CG Support

Jeff Kyle

CG Support

Arthur Dorrington

Color Grading

Chris Ryan

Color Grading

Sal Malfitano




CES 2024

Nice Shoes

Automotive Montage