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Doha Film Institute – National Museum Of Qatar

Project Notes

We partnered with the Doha Film Institute and a diverse array of top global directors and collaborators to bring wonder and beauty to commissioned film exhibits as part of the highly-anticipated opening of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ). The Doha Film Institute (DFI) who produced the project for the NMoQ, led by technical director Dean Winkler, engaged us to help visualize the country across 10 galleries with awe-inspiring, floor-to-ceiling immersive films.

The films were meticulously crafted to draw in visitors with state-of-the-art technical specs, resulting in 21.54 billion pixels per second image resolution–over 10 times the quality of IMAX screens. These rich visuals are displayed on 114 4K projectors, with 308 speakers to provide immersive soundscapes throughout the galleries. Nice Shoes worked closely with Winkler and the creative team onsite, fine-tuning the technical setup, custom-tailored to the museum’s curved design, supported by 179 bespoke servers provided by London-based Realtime Experience Systems (RES).



Doha Film Institute


National Museum of Qatar