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Georgia Votes – Voting Early Is Easy

Project Notes

Georgia Votes was looking for an effective way to communicate how easy the process of early voting is, to help lower Election Day numbers at the polls, while also encouraging voter turnout during a pandemic.

Creative Director Matt Greenwood and his team expanded on the theme “Unlike 2020, Early Voting is Easy,” with a series of familiar pandemic scenarios – quarantine date night, obsessively scrolling on social media, and self-hair cuts – all of which were not nearly as easy as early voting.

Matt brought his own work from home experience into the project, adding one of his WFH coworkers, (his cat), into the mix with a fun cameo that you’ll see in the styleframes above, and the finished piece.


Agency: KO:OP
Production/Animation: Nice Shoes
Producer: Jennifer Spillers Kramer
Producer: Beth Gustafson
Executive Producer: Harv Glazer
Senior Producer: Beth Fitzpatrick
Creative Director: Matt Greenwood
Creative Director: Stefan Woronko
Design Director: Dino Qiu
Animator: Yoho Yue
Animator: Robert Findlay





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