Iron Man 2 – GFX Reel

Project Notes

John designed and animated the Stark Phone and touch screen coffee tables featured throughout the film. He also came up with the branding and design of the Formula 1 Race broadcast graphics package. In addition, John helped create the Stark Expo sequence which was projected across a 74 foot screen used in the filming. Finally he designed and animated a vintage ’Stark Expo ‘74’ logo animation that was also used in the film.
Hey Mike, Also noticed there’s a few projects missing I’d like to have featured still on my updated NS portfolio. Can Wandavision, Lenovo, Ford, Wizard of Lies, and Vikings pieces be added as well?


Studio: Marvel Studios
Creative Director: John LePore
Director: Jon Favreau
Design: John Koltai
Animation: John Koltai
Edit: Perception



Spies In Disguise