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Project Notes

In the heat of the summer, the right cold beverage can be a huge relief. Our client wanted to show how that can be transformative, bringing customers into an infectious world full of happiness called “Siptopia.” The agency envisioned a fantastical concept in which, upon sipping a drink, people see their happiness reflected in the world around them as they were surrounded by cheerful animated animals and swirling ingredients. We worked with our partners at Sweet Rickey and Editbar, bringing together a full-service team of creatives to shoot, edit, animate, and color grade two spots in which happiness is found in every sip. Take a look at how the campaign came together in the making of below.


Agency: Brownstein Group
Production Company:Sweet Rickey
Director: Max Gutierrez
Animation/Post: Nice Shoes
Creative Director: Harry Dorrington
VFX Artist: Andy Zazzera
VFX Supervisor: Adrian Winter
Designer: Yandong Dino Qiu
Designer: Nicole Morciniec
Animator: Yongji Chen
Colorist: Sal Malfitano
Producer: Russ Dubé
Head of Production: Nancy Giandomenico
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Editorial: Editbar
Editor: Charlie Coffou



'Trading Cards'

Standard Chartered

'Here For Good'