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Spies In Disguise – Future Tech Process Reel

Project Notes

From late 2017 through 2019 John joined forces with Blue Sky Studios to help design and animate almost all of the future tech for SPIES IN DISGUISE. Essentially doing the work of an entire motion design studio for the film. Blue Sky Studios tasked John with designing all of the 3D heads-up displays (HUDs) that were featured. The most notable being super spy Lance Sterling’s scuba googles, Killian’s drone vision, and special agent Eyes glasses. John was also responsible for all of the computer monitor displays, the agency “war-room” interface, and the entire touch screen interface for the Audi RSQ e-tron, which was a concept car created specifically for the film through an exclusive partnership with Audi. In addition, John was tasked with creating Walters 3D holographic watch display featured throughout the film. John worked closely with the entire Blue Sky lighting and composting teams to integrate these elements and especially with lead compositor Ari Rubenstein (now Creative Director with Break + Enter) who was also responsible for the Killian face transformation featured at the end of this reel.
All of the 3D elements including The Agency hard drive, Walters biotech displays, the Audi e-tron gadgets, and Killians claw hand, were generated and rendered from CINEMA 4D and then passed into the Blue Sky 3D pipeline. This process montage is nearly 2 years of future tech work John was tasked to create for the film.



Blue Sky Studio


Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

Motion Graphics

John Koltai

Reel Edit

John Koltai

Lead Compositor

Ari Rubenstein


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