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Learn creative advanced production techniques & lead innovation

Book 1-on-1 time with our immersive creative team and learn about the hottest tech trends in the industry.

Join our Advanced Production Techniques roadshow as we help to define the hottest creative production trends in the industry.

We’ll walk you through top-line processes on techniques such as using Real-Time Game Engine CG,  advanced pre-visualization, virtual location scouting, hybrid production, XR (volume) stages, Web 3.0, VR/AR, and more.

Learn how these emerging workflows can help you produce the highest-quality creative work in less time, make your teams more efficient, and put the spotlight on you as a leader in innovation for your clients.

Walk away with an understanding of:

  • all the newest “buzzwords” such as virtual production, real-time CG, and immersive and learn about the process for each
  • how advanced production techniques can improve efficiencies
  • how you can run “traditional” production jobs with the latest tools and techniques, keeping you ahead of the curve

Sessions are available in person or virtually. Please specify below.

Sessions run 60-75 mins