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We are thrilled to be working with you. Please share with your editorial team for info and prep best practices. We ask that you fill out all entries to let us know the team we’ll be working with and specs you’d like returned.

Provide a conform XML or AAF that matches the supplied rough cut so the colorist can work in context of spot from shot to shot. Include speed fx, dissolves, layers, reverses & transforms. Remove all audio, graphics and any otherwise extraneous clips in the export. We cannot conform with nested sequences, so be sure to un-nest all nested sequences.
  • Please send source footage drive 48hrs prior to session. If footage is media managed, we’d be happy to send you a high speed Aspera link to upload to if you’d prefer, just ask!
  • Send all prep 24hrs prior to session. Prep arriving later then 6pm evening before session may result in a delayed a.m. start time.
  • Supply all roughcuts as ProRes LT
  • Please do not supply a Premiere Pro project as prep. Discuss with your Nice Shoes producer if this is necessary.
  • Provide an EDL (CMX 3600) as a backup.
  • If you would like to see how your supers work with the grade, please supply them as a single Prores4444 sequence with alpha that matches roughcut timing.
  • For clients requiring an xml generated from color: this must be requested upon award of job and may incur additional costs for time needed for render/laydown process.
  • If your source footage includes .cine files please provide the .cine transcodes in addition to the RAW.
  • Nice Shoes renders all footage at native frame rate.