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Nice Shoes Goes Behind the Color on CrowdStrike's Super Bowl Commercial

In an ambitious return to the Super Bowl advertising stage, CrowdStrike has unveiled its new commercial that leverages creative storytelling to make cybersecurity relevant to a mainstream audience. Directed by the acclaimed Tarsem Singh, and featuring color grading by Nice Shoes’ Gene Curley, the ad brings to life a futuristic Wild West where today’s digital threats meet their match. 

The commercial, which aired at Super Bowl LVIII, marks CrowdStrike’s second consecutive Super Bowl appearance and Gene Curley’s second collaboration with the cybersecurity leader, building on last year’s success with a fresh and compelling narrative.

Gene’s expertise in color grading played a pivotal role in differentiating the good guys from the bad, the past from the future, and the safe from the threatened. The commercial’s visual journey was meticulously crafted to resonate with viewers, using color to highlight the clash between heroes and villains. “The brief challenged us to reimagine the Western genre in a way that resonates with the digital age. We infused the landscape with futuristic elements while maintaining the essence of the Wild West, creating a setting that feels both timeless and immediate. This untraditional approach allowed us to visually juxtapose the old and the new, highlighting the ongoing battle between cybersecurity defenders and digital adversaries.”

CrowdStrike’s internal agency, redbird, had a  vision for the adversaries to visually depict their loss of power as they faced defeat. “Our goal was for the adversaries to visually diminish, similar to a fish out of water. With their defeat, we drained the color from their presence, symbolizing their weakening state. This was particularly evident in their eyes, which initially glowed brightly. Through the grading process, we dimmed this light, ‘powering down’ their gaze, to convey defeat,” Curley explained, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail that went into every aspect of the color grading.

Working side by side with Zoic Studios was a highlight of the project, fostering a great collaboration and relationship, with a pipeline that was seamless. This partnership was instrumental in uniting the visual effects and color grading that brought the commercial’s creative vision to life.

The collaboration involves contributions from Howdy Sound, Lime Santa Monica, RadicalMedia, and Union Editorial. This collective effort underscores the commercial’s message of unity and collaboration.

As CrowdStrike continues to lead the charge in cybersecurity, this Super Bowl spot serves as a bold declaration of the company’s commitment to innovation and security. Enough with the words, check out this visually compelling and narratively engaging spot and see for yourself the innovative approach that CrowdStrike and its creative partners are spearheading in the forefront of cybersecurity.