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Cut loose with 5 gloriously edited spots from 25 years of Nice Shoes

In the worlds of entertainment and advertising, standards have never been higher – and competition never more fierce. Cutting through and making an impact is now an existential challenge for any piece of creative work – making a clean, eye-catching, and impactful edit all the more valuable.

That’s a lesson which Nice Shoes, the creative studio which this year is celebrating 25 years in the industry, has understood perfectly. Having launched its editorial roster in 2018 to accommodate any editing task, the company has wasted no time in establishing a reputation for elite-level, quality editing work for clients such as Puma, Gillette, Verizon, and many more. For Nice Shoes, a quality cut is integral to the storytelling process and, by extension, in retaining that most precious resource: an audience’s attention.

And so without further ado, we’re closing out our series celebrating 25 of Nice Shoes’ greatest spots with this final top 5: the most gloriously edited films from a quarter century of Nice Shoes.

downy: behind closed doors.

Sometimes, we all just need a spark of inspiration to find our inner diva. And that spark can come from unexpected places – in this instance, the triumphant elation of a fresh batch of laundry. Replicating that beautiful feeling of newly-washed clothing was a high priority for the team behind this ad, and Nice Shoes’ Colin Loughlin didn’t miss a beat in pulling it all together with this outstanding edit.

youtube: black voices 2021

“Somebody’s gonna have to tell the truth, and I’m gonna tell it”.

In June of 2020, YouTube launched its #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, an initiative aimed at raising the ‘voices and profiles of Black artists’ on the platform. Amplifying that message in 2021 with a promotional film was an important task, then, and Nice Shoes stepped up. The resulting cut from Dan Suter is immensely watchable in its own right, shining a much-needed light on black voices and talent.

seize the awkward: whatever gets you talking

While it may feel as though we’ve come a long way in recent years with regards to discussions around mental health, those conversations can still feel a little, well, awkward. This beautifully made campaign from Nice Shoes and Droga5, however, asks us whether that’s really a problem anyway. Why not, as the title suggests, simply seize the awkward? Editing this kaleidoscopic spot together was Nice Shoes’ Michael Reuter.

black eyed peas, ozuna and j. rey soul: mamacita

For many, the craft of editing is intrinsically linked to music. This beautifully put-together music video, edited by the award-winning Life Garland, stands as a great example of precisely why that’s the case. The edit pops along with the beat to amplify the song’s energy, resulting in a pulsating piece of film with almost 300 million views on YouTube alone.

mercedes-benz: gle

Finally, we end on another stirring example of a great edit changing the film’s feel. Here, Nice Shoes’ Marcos Castiel generates momentum and inspiration in this Mercedes-Benz spot as we rhythmically zoom through – and underneath – a beautiful cityscape and towards the ad’s climatic end moments. Whilst the imagery itself is noteworthy, it’s the edit that truly makes this spot sing.

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