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Nice Shoes Reintroduces Itself to the Creative Industry

After celebrating its 25th anniversary, the iconic creative studio says ‘NICE to meet you again’ by focusing its brand design on the studio’s full range of services

Following 25 years of trailblazing work, and exponential growth over the past few years, Nice Shoes is reintroducing itself to the advertising and creative industries. Having greatly expanded its offering over the past decade, Executive Creative Director Harvey Glazer recognised it was time for the studio to kick off its shoes and truly align its look and feel with its full range of services.

To craft the bold and punchy new aesthetic and ‘NICE’ messaging, the team dug deep into the nostalgic joy of individualisation for a brand refresh like no other. Taking inspiration from classic sticker books, patches and rock pins, Creative Director Stefan Woronko along with Harvey Glazer and renowned Graffiti artist Spazz created bespoke new icons for each department; Production, Editorial, Color, Animation, VFX, Immersive, Virtual Production, and Experiential. This impressive and diverse range of ‘NICE’ offerings are reimagined through sneaker freak-inspired graphic visuals for each department – featuring some of the best designs in the history of shoes. 

Harvey Glazer, Global Executive Creative Director of Nice Shoes, comments: “With this new look, we really wanted to evoke the efforts we went through in our youth to individualise ourselves with our appearance and accessories. So, we tapered our jeans with safety pins, threw on our favourite kicks, sewed a patch on our World Famous bag – and this is what we came up with. This new look is all about being tactile; you can touch it, scratch and sniff it, feel it, and most importantly it takes you back to being a kid again – and that’s where the best creativity comes from.”

He adds: “After 25 years, we have a NICE new studio, NICE new creatives, and NICE new services to offer. Our capabilities have changed so much in the last couple of years, and our latest hires are not only elevating what we can offer clients, but helping to pave the way for the next 25 years of NICE work. Each division and the talent within them now stands on its own, and we’re using shoes as a graphical representation of individualisation instead of writing it with text – just like each one of us does every day when we choose the perfect shoes to complement our outfit. Now the world can really see that we pretty much do everything but make shoes – although we do all wear them. Well some of us do, some of the time, damn hippies.”

Justin Pandolfino, Managing Director of Nice Shoes, comments: “The idea of ‘NICE’ is a core value for us – and one we try to live every day. We bring ‘NICE’ into every client interaction and all of our talent curation efforts, giving us the understanding and relationships to craft solutions for each unique creative problem. Our new position truly embodies this, and showcases how we’re able to provide a range of premium content from concept to completion with an integrated pipeline.”

To demonstrate the new look and feel, Nice Shoes has created a 30s spot featuring a track recorded by Beats ‘n’ Broccoli ft Stu Stone. Clients and creatives across the industry are invited to come and experience what a breath of fresh air feels like, as the nostalgia featured in the film will be transformed into real collectors items. From pins and patches to scratch and sniff stickers, you can sign up on Nice Shoes’ website to make sure you’re on the drop list. 

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