2017 event visuals


We were contacted by one of Canada’s largest software companies, to develop visuals for dramatic visuals to help open the show, tell their story, and unveil their new logo. They needed it in three weeks, and they needed the visuals to play on a 260 foot curved screen. Creative directors Matt Greenwood and Gary Thomas teamed up, to create almost three minutes of visuals. Matt and Gary broke the project into parts, coordinating on a look and approach which would capture the essence of the message in a visually compelling way.

The project was divided into three pieces. The first was an ambient film, designed to welcome delegates to the hall. The film needed to be engaging without being overpowering. The second film was the introduction film. The guys took the script and designed abstract worlds which built on the themes of data, the flow of information, and the power of connectivity.

The third piece was the launch of the new logo. A 30 foot long practical model of the logo had been built in front of the mainstage. Matt then designed a series of spectacular abstract “explosions” meant to be projected onto the 3 dimensional logo, and then designed the visuals for the 260 foot screen which made the moment even more spectacular.

We worked with the composers at Apollo Music in Toronto to score the visuals in a way that gave the films a truly cinematic feel.



Animation Nice Shoes
Music Apollo Music
Creative Director Gary Thomas Creative Director Matt Greenwood Executive Producer Kristen Van Fleet