just like fire


For Pink’s song “Just Like Fire”, the signature song for Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass, director Dave Meyers of Zanmi Films and Strange Invention’s VFX Supervisor Todd Sarsfield teamed with Nice Shoes to bring the singer through the looking glass and on a fantastical journey as Alice.

We were instrumental in realizing an impressive, surreal scene in which Pink interacts with eighteen different versions of herself that have taken on the roles of the warring black and white factions of a life-sized chessboard. Our team graded and retouched the entire piece, further aiding Meyers and Pink in reflecting a parallel version of Alice’s world through the singer’s point of view. 


Director Dave Meyers
Production Company Zanmi Films
Lead Beauty Artist Jason Farber Compositor Adrian Winter Colorist Gene Curley CG Artist Yandong Dino Qiu Senior Producer Jason Farber Executive Producer Tara Holmes Executive Producer Angela Bowen