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project arachnid


In early 2017, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection launched Project Arachnid, a groundbreaking tool that detects and helps remove images of child sexual abuse on the Internet. The centre, which operates in partnership with police forces across Canada, recently posed questions to 128 adults who had been sexually exploited as children and whose abuse had been recorded on camera. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they were worried about being recognized years later, because the images continue to spread online. To bring to life how Project Arachnid helps victims break the endless cycle of abuse, the organization enlisted agency No Fixed Address and Nice Shoes to craft a brief, but powerful animated short film.

Following it's release, the film won the Motion Design & Graphics category at the 2017 AICE Awards.


Agency No Fixed Address
Animation Nice Shoes
Creative Director Gary Thomas Creative Director Matt Greenwood Creative Director Stefan Woronko Executive Producer Kristen Van Fleet Audio Pirate Toronto