ted x cartier

women’s initiative awards


Creative studio Nice Shoes teamed up with TED and the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards to enliven the powerful words of two motivational thought leaders in kaleidoscopic animated shorts.

Nice Shoes Creative Director Harry Dorrington once again teamed up with the TED team, having previously collaborated on an animated short for TED-Ed. Both pieces, like the collaboration with Ted-Ed, utilize the strengths of animation and graphics to deliver complex information within a limited timespan, allowing audiences to easily absorb their insight and discover a moment of inspiration.

To depict the words of TED Speaker Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, who writes about women living their lives at war and in conflict zones, Dorrington selected her quotes on empowering women with investment dollars to benefit women worldwide. The colorful portrayal of this idea includes a progression of women enabling one another to grow their networks and businesses, creating limitless global influence. The animation begins with a single woman walking that continues to grow and peel into a circle of women in motion. This expands with layers multiplying on the outside, transitioning into a globe that sprouts these same women circling in celebration.

An additional short represents the words of Michael Porter, TED Speaker and business strategist, as he tackles the intersection between society and corporate interests and how we can break down divides to address the fundamental problems we face as a society. The piece shifts between mesmerizing geometric shapes punctuated with typographical highlights that create a pronounced rhythm and drive to the speech.


Client TED x Cartier
Animation Nice Shoes
Creative Director Harry Dorrington Executive Producer Angela Bowen Producer Russ Dubé Designer Yandong Dino Qiu Designer Stefan Woronko Designer Yoho Yue Animator Yoho Yue Animator Yandong Dino Qiu Animator Theo Daly Colorist Lenny Mastrandrea Mix Sound Lounge