does time exist?


“What Is Time?”TED-Ed partnered with Nice Shoes to answer this question with a fun and educational animated short film that contemplates whether time is something that physically exists or is just in our heads.


Client TED-Ed
Animation Studio Nice Shoes
Director Harry Dorrington Executive Producer Angela Bowen Head of Production Nancy Giandomenico Producer Laura Noonan Producer Ivan Pribicevic Producer Alan Robertson CG Director Andy Zazzera CG Lead Alex Kline Director of Animation Nikola Vulovic Design Director Yandong Dino Qiu CG Supervisor Ana Pakljanac PreViz Artist Yongji Chen 3D Modeler Lazar Stokic Editor/Sound Designer Greg Bekafigo Music Louis Bergstrom Audio Sound Lounge Mixer Rob DiFondi Content Producer Gerta Xhelo Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal