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Download Our Exclusive White Paper on the Importance of Color in Advertising & Film


This white paper looks at how color affects storytelling, psychology, trends, culture, and on-set practice. Experts from across the world explore how color changes everything for brands in dedicated new research. Data is supported with interviews conducted at System1 Group, MTArt, WGSN, Big Spaceship, Gear Seven, Boldly, along with many others.

Key Highlights

  • How to rediscover the transformative power of color and its ability to communicate on a more meaningful level
  • How brands can stand out from the noise with effective advertising
  • Color’s role in Individuality and Digital Worlds
  • How color has an effect on human emotions
  • How filmmakers can enrich their work through color


Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System1 Group
Justin Wylie, Director of Production at Gear Seven
JT McCreery, Director at Gear Seven
Geoff Manton, Partner and Executive Producer at Boldly
Louis Browne, Director at Stadium
Marine Tanguy, Founder of MTArt
Claire Luxton, Artist at MTArt
Jenny Clark, Head of Colour at WGSN
Chris Huban, Executive Creative Director at Big Spaceship
Emily Maye, Director at Farm League
Janssen Powers, Director at Farm League
Ninaad Kulkarni, Creative Director for Immersive at Nice Shoes
Marcy Robinson, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Phil Choe, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Chris Ryan, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Sal Malfitano, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Tricia Hagoriles, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Lenny Mastrandrea, Senior Colorist at Nice Shoes
Gene Curley, Colorist at Nice Shoes

Download the white paper here.